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James J. Collum
is the principal of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training, Ltd. and has been providing training services since 2007. Mr. Collum is also the Principal Attorney at the Law Office of James J. Collum, LLC and has been in private practice since 1999, beginning his practice shortly following his graduation from law school.

Attorney Collum is a 1995 graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a 1999 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Law. Following his graduation from law school and prior to entering the practice of law, Attorney Collum worked as an Asset Management Consultant for the Great American Group, and was personally responsible for the disposition of $15,000,000.00 of assets during his brief one year tenure with the company, which included the corporate liquidation of Builders Square.

Attorney Collum focused his practice in the area of workplace sexual harassment, along with all types of workplace discrimination claims, at the beginning of his legal career. Since 1999, Attorney Collum has been lead trial counsel in over 400 sexual harassment cases as well as hundreds of other discrimination cases and has encountered almost every fact pattern or situation a company may face when defending a sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuit. These cases have ranged subjectively from what may be considered less severe cases of sexual harassment to representing victims who have been viciously raped and attacked by company employees. Attorney Collum’s representation in these types of cases has involved 85-90% individuals with 10-15% being employment defense—this makes him uniquely qualified to provide your company or organization the insight you need to prevent these types of matters from escalating into a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

Mr. Collum has had speaking engagements in the area of employment law and human resources issues and has been quoted as an expert in the area of sexual harassment training by Women’s Health Magazine and the MedGuru.

Mr. Collum travels to companies of all types and sizes nationwide and internationally providing sexual harassment training and discrimination training and views his relationship with the companies he serves as ongoing. Truly, the need for proper sexual harassment and discrimination consulting and conjunction with training is important to every company and the ability to have that one person, a “point-person,” available to direct any questions to at any time is a priceless resource for every company and this is the most valuable aspect of Mr. Collum’s services.


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