Attorney-James-J-Collum-sexual-harassment-and-discrimination-live-training-sessionSexual Harassment and Discrimination Training, Ltd. is located in Canton, Ohio and sexual harassment training and discrimination training of all types is available for companies and organizations around the United States. We assist companies and organizations of all sizes in formulating a plan for their sexual harassment training and discrimination training needs whether it is a one-time scheduling or whether it is a multi-year permanent training program.

Whether it is sexual harassment training, age discrimination training, racial discrimination, gender discrimination training, pregnancy discrimination training, alienage or national origin discrimination training, disability discrimination training, religious discrimination training or any combination of the above, we have the flexibility to provide such training in a cost-effective expedient manner that is tailored specifically for your company or organization's specific need.

On-site sexual harassment training, discrimination training or diversity training in the opinion of many experts, is the single-most cost effective way to prevent a sexual or discrimination harassment lawsuit, and if a lawsuit is initiated, the best way to defend a lawsuit. In addition, instituting a customized discrimination policy and sexual harassment policy alongside training to reinforce the company's policies are an effective way to positively change the culture within your organization.

Please contact us at (330) 494-4877 or via e-mail, so we can provide you a free, no obligation customized quote that will allow your company or organization to make an informed decision about the many services we offer.


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