Training Philosophy

Attorney CollumAfter reviewing the information on my website, I hope it has become evident to you how much I believe in the training programs which I have developed throughout my career. After gathering extensive experience in the area of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination by predominantly representing the alleged victims of such conduct, I feel it is necessary to share these experiences with employers and advise them on ways they work avoid sexual harassment and discrimination litigation altogether If an employer who institutes my policies is faced with a sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuit, in all likelihood, they already will have all but eliminated any risk of anything more than a nuisance value case.

I have been told by people throughout my career that they found the area of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination law fascinating, and I believe I can communicate this interest to those attending my training. Watching a video of workplace sexual harassment training or discrimination training is, in my opinion, simply ineffective-there is no substitute for a stimulated lecture and training attendee. I firmly believe the small price of in-person annual training will pay dividends for a company for years to come and help establish a culture of respect and productivity which would otherwise be unobtainable.

The most common misconception is sexual harassment training and discrimination training is that it makes an employee more apt to file a lawsuit if they are the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination�this is simply untrue and there is evidence to the contrary. Likewise, companies will frequently tell me they have survived for years without sexual harassment training or discrimination training and have had no real problems, so why would they pay for the training now? My response is always the same�if you never get in an auto accident or have any damage to your home during your entire life, wouldn't it be nice to get a refund of all those insurance premiums? If you let your car insurance or home insurance lapse, maybe you will get lucky and nothing will happen, but if tragedy occurs, good luck! I view the sexual harassment training and discrimination training as similar to auto or home insurance�it will protect you if a lawsuit is ever filed, as it is probably the single best defense available to a company who is defending a sexual harassment or discrimination case.

It is my hope I will have an opportunity to discuss with you the services I may offer your company and how I can assist you in implementing a custom tailored sexual harassment and discrimination policy and related on-site training at your place of business.


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